Philippine Komiks Serials

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The Philippines is one of the world's largest publishers of comics magazines. Through the years, komiks has been part of the Filipino culture. Unlike in other western countires where most comics magazine comes out with one complete story, the Tagalog komiks magazines were mostly serialized in nature. This serialization of komiks novels may lead one to think that it possibly reflects the Filipino's love for the suspenseful waiting of the next issues. Thus the term itutuloy, subaybayan, or abangan became the popular words in the komiks lingo, and it became the nature of the Pinoy komiks magazines. This subportal in Philippine komiks is dedicated to the komiks serial novels of Philippines. There have been thousands of komiks in the strips past and present, and we will include them all here. For convenience sake, we will divide the Komiks Serials listing into different genre, like horror, comedy, adventure, and drama. Feel free to update this microsite in case we forget to include your favorite komiks serial.