Sabas, Ang Barbaro

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Sabas, Ang Barbaro is an adventure komiks novel written and illustrated by Francisco V. Coching and serialized in Pilipino Komiks in 1952. It tells the story of Sabas, a man who was driven by cruelty and opression to become the sworn enemy of the colonial government. Sabas, Ang Barbaro was Coching's first<ref>Francisco V. Coching. Komiklopedia. Accessed on May 19, 2008.</ref> epic tackling the theme of Filipinos revolting against their Spanish colonial masters and it became one of his most popular works.<ref> Accessed on May 19, 2008.</ref> It was adapted into film in 1952. In 2007, it was chosen as one of the Top 100 Pinoy Komiks featured in<ref> Top 100 Pinoy Komiks. Accessed on May 19, 2008.</ref> The komiks spawned a sequel entitled El Indio featuring Sabas' son, published in 1953.



Sabas, ang Barbaro, was a kindhearted man who suffered numerous injustices from corrupt government officials. Seeking revenge for the death of his parents and the rape of his sister, Sabas assumed the name "Barbaro" and became a sworn enemy of the colonial government. Despite all the crimes he committed as a bandit wanted by the authorities, Sabas remained a kindhearted man, a gentleman even to his enemies. As a champion of the poor, Sabas crossed destinies with a variety of people. He earned the love of Tarcila, herself a victim of oppression, and in his conquests, he captured a Spanish mestiza named Blanquita whom he fell in love with. Sabas was torn between the two women, but in the end he chose Tarcila, while Blanquita returned to Spain in the hope of erasing Sabas from her memory. Sabas also met the man who killed his father, and a climactic final duel determined their fate. In the end, the Governor General saw kindness in Sabas' heart, granting him pardon and freedom.

Other Media

The popularity of Sabas, Ang Barbaro led to a film adaptation in the same year it was published. The movie was produced by Sampaguita Pictures, who chose Enrique Moreno as director. The movie starred real-life sweethearts<ref>Clarin, Tess.Aged Like Wine. Film Academy of the Philippines, April 11, 2008. Accessed on May 18, 2008.</ref> Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran as Sabas and Tarcila, and Tessie Martinez as Blanquita.






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