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How do I access the articles on WikiPilipinas?

A: There are lots of ways to find articles to read on WikiPilipinas. For example, you can click the titles of the articles listed under each portal at the right side of the main page. The two most common ways to find articles on Wikipilipinas, however, are searching and browsing.

How do I search for articles?


A: If you have a specific topic in mind that you want to read about, you could type it in the search bar located at the upper left part of the main page and click "go" or "search", or just press "enter".

What happens if I click "Go"?

A: If there is an article that has a title exactly the same as what you typed in the search box, clicking "Go" will bring you directly to that article. If there is no article with that exact same title, clicking "Go" will bring up one or two lists of articles related to the topic you wanted. The first list contains titles that are similar to the topic you wanted; the second list contains titles of articles where the words you typed may be found in the text.

What happens if I click "Search"?

A: Clicking "Search" has the same effect as clicking "Go" when there is no article with the exact same title as the words you typed in the search box.

It looks like the two could just bring up the same results. Why do we need two separate buttons for "Go" and "Search"?

The two separate buttons come in handy when you want to find all the articles for a specific topic that is exactly the same as the title of an article. In that case, clicking "Go" will bring you directly to the article, so if you want to know what the other articles are, you'll have to click "Search". By the way, pressing "Enter" has the same effect as clicking "Go", so you'll have to click "Search" if you want to bring up a list of articles instead of just one article.

How do I browse for articles?

A: If you don't have a specific topic that you want to read up on, you might just want to browse the articles on the site. You might check out the articles on the main page, or you might check out the different portals if you are interested in certain subject areas.

What are the parts of the main page?

A: The parts of the main page are the following: Featured Article, Main Portals, Featured Portal, Newest Articles, Ask Mindy, Mindy's Picks, and Special Portals. On the left sidebar of the WikiPilipinas Main Page are special pages and projects of the website.

What's the featured article?

A: The featured article is one that our editors think is really good and worth reading, so they chose to highlight it on the main page. Who knows, if you write an article in WikiPilipinas, it might end up on as a featured article someday!

What's on the new pages list?

A: Every day, new articles get added to WikiPilipinas. The "new pages" list shows the titles of the latest articles that have been added to the site.

What are the Special Projects? In what way are they different from the portals?

A: The Special Projects are not portals, although they are still collaborative writing projects. They are the WikiPilipinas Karavan, WikiWorx, WikiLab and the WikiZine.

What are the WikiPilipinas portals?

Main Portals.png

A: Each of the WikiPilipinas portals corresponds to a specific area of knowledge about the Philippines. They contain collections of articles within their own area of knowledge. These articles are distributed among different categories.

The twelve WikiPilipinas portals are the following: Philippine Media and Entertainment, Philippine History, Philippine Government and Politics, Philippine Science and Technology, Philippine Business and Economy, Philippine Culture and Arts, Philippine Sports and Leisure, Philippine People and Society, Philippine Religion and Beliefs, Philippine Websites, and Philippine Communities.

What are the special portals? How are they different from the regular portals?

A: The WikiPilipinas Special Portals correspond to certain special topics which may be included in the other portals, but which we felt deserved to be in a special class of their own.

At present, there are six Special Portals which are: Wiki Directories, Wiki Travel Guide, Nostalgia Filipina, UP 100, Pinoy Komiks, and Encyclopedia of Philippine Women.

Wiki Directories is made up of directories with the contact information of government and private entities such as government agencies, schools, and commercial and service establishments. The Wiki Travel Guide, on the other hand, contains travel guides and itineraries for different places in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Nostalgia Filipina contains articles on people and things which have made a mark in the Philippines in the past but which have been lost, such as food, candies, establishments, clothes, trends and entertainers. Pinoy Komiks compiles articles on Philippine komiks, including series and characters like Kenkoy and Darna, and the UP 100 is made up of articles on 100 topics related to the University of the Philippines. The Encyclopedia of Philippine Women contains articles on Philippine women as well as topics and issues that affect them.

How do I browse the portals?

A: You can access the WikiPilipinas Portals and Special Portals by clicking on the headings of the portals at the right side of the Main Page. This will bring you to the portal landing page, where you can view the portal rationale and featured articles. There are two ways that you can browse a portal: through the article categories or through the portal outline.

What are the article categories and how do I access them?

A: The article categories are the main topics into which WikiPilipinas articles are grouped.

At the lower left side of the portal landing page, you will see the main divisions of each portal. Clicking on the headings of these main divisions will bring you to the main categories in each portal. Each category contains a list of articles and subcategories included in that category topic.

What is a portal outline? How do I access it?

A: A portal outline is an outline that shows the complete scope of topics in a portal. Each item in the outline corresponds to a category, subcategory or article within the portal. You can access the portal outline by clicking the link found below the main portal divisions at the lower left side of the portal.